The Covid-19 Vaccination

The Covid-19 vaccination is NOT given within the surgery. 

When you are eligible for the vaccine, a member of staff will call you to arrange an appointment at the Masonic Hall. 

Please be aware that we are given a specific day and time-frame for these appointments, so unfortunately we cannot be overly flexible in the times we offer. Once your first appointment is booked, we will book in your second vaccination which will take place 11 weeks later at the same time. 

We usually don't find out when the next clinic is going to be held until a week before, so please be prepared for a last minute call. 

You do not need to the phone the surgery. As you can imagine, our phone line is very busy, so we'd appreciate your support in keeping the line clear for patients who wish to book appointments or have other health related queries. 

Alternative ways of booking for the vaccination (please be aware that appointments at the Masonic Hall  cannot be offered)
  1. Give NHS 119 (a dedicated Covid-19 call centre) a call. 
  2. Book your appointment online by clicking here 
Thank you for your support and patience during this time. 

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